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Q&A: William Duff, Architect

  It’s been awhile since we’ve used our blog to recognize the amazing work of top architects and interior designers in the Bay Area – and William Duff Architects warrants […]

Q&A: Kendall Wilkinson, Interior Designer

Today we talk with Kendall Wilkinson, a prominent interior designer in San Francisco known for her European infused style. Find out what movements are on the rise and what trends to avoid in contemporary interiors with our new industry Q&A…

Q&A with Architect Eliza Hart

Today we chat with Eliza Hart, principal at Hart Wright Architects (HWA) in San Francisco. Originally from Massachusetts and having lived in Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Los Angeles, Eliza Hart has a unique style that is deeply influenced by California architecture…

Q&A: Susan Schippmann, Interior Designer

      As we present our 6th Q&A in the architecture / interior design series, we’re amazed how every Bay Area professional responds to the same seven questions with […]

Q&A: Andrew Mann, Architect

  What is the primary goal of residential remodel architecture? What challenges are Bay Area homeowners faced with when planning a room addition, kitchen remodel, or bath renovation? We sat […]

Q&A: Barbara Scavullo, Interior Designer

We proudly welcome Barbara Scavullo as our newest interviewee in Jeff King & Co’s ongoing Architecture & Interior Design Q&A series! Barbara is at the forefront of San Francisco’s interior […]

Q&A: Jonathan Feldman, Architect

  The San Francisco remodeling industry is defined by architectural styles, building regulations, and lifestyle preferences that are entirely unique to this city. Our new Q&A series calls on the […]

Q&A: Marnie Wright, Interior Designer

Welcome back to our Q&A series with Bay Area architects and interior designers. Today we catch up with Marnie Wright, a San Francisco interior designer, to get her perspective on […]

Q&A: Malcolm Davis, Architect

We thought it would be interesting for our readers to better understand what motivates, inspires and challenges architects and designers when they are designing for residential clients in the San […]

Interview with Architect, Andre Rothblatt

Our new interview series focuses on the local venders and designers that we often work with for Bay Area remodels. Today we highlight Andre Rothblatt, an established architect and collaborator […]